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Daylina's Dominion 2

13 December
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My name is Daylina and I'm the Opinion Editor at my High School's newspaper, The Chieftain. Writing is my life and I don't now how I would express myself otherwsie. All sorts of writing styles appeal to me. Journalistic writing, poetry, and poetic prose are among my favorites. I have a ton of different interests and I love to hold intellectual conversations. I only like to talk to people that can make me walk away knowing that I learned something from them. I have very good listening skills ans I tend to play the part of "therapist" among my friends. I write a lot of editorials and the occasional feature or news story for my newspaper. I have a column I regularly write, too. It's made me more well known around my school but I'm not quite sure yet whether that's a good thing or a bad thing. I'm a bery open-minded, non-judgemental person with the ability to look at almost anything from all perspectives and point of views. I'm very good at being objective. If you want to know any mor you'll have to learn through conversation with me. Feel free to IM me, just let me know where you got my screen name from.